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Building Highly Effective Teams | Solving Complex Problems | Achieving Business Targets | Improving Performance

Unlock Innovative Minsets

We help business find solutions to their most challenging problems. Our approach focuses on engaging and empowering the in-house intelligence within the organisation, that is, it’s people.

The Team Challenge Process is a unique approach for building highly effective, motivated and innovative teams to:

  • Business targets, goals and exceed KPI’s
  • Improvement to existing systems and processes
  • Successful introduction of new technologies
  • Improve performance and productivity

Change is a Process

By challenging conventional thinking, we have helped businesses resolve their most complex challenges. Using the Team Challenge Process we help businesses to:

  • Solve Problems - Pragmatic and intuitive approach for any workplace scenario for small, medium and large businesses
  • Manage Change - Empower multi-disciplined team to develop and lead change to ensure smoother transition for any HR policy
  • Build Teams - Access untapped skillsets within a team to achieve what many businesses believe to be impossible.

Solve Business Challenges

  • Any business problem - challenges and opportunities
  • Human resource issue - smoother transition
  • Disaster recovery - capitalise on lessons learned
  • Improve performance - people-driven
  • Achieve goals, objectives and targets - engaging people
  • Implement a vision or mission - empowering people
  • Turn any concept into reality - using structured process
  • Product or project launch - with effective teamwork
  • and much more ...

Who Would Benefit?

  • Small Business Enterprises
  • Human Resource Departments
  • Education Establishments
  • Large Corporates
  • Management Teams
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Sports Establishments
  • Entrepreneurs

Meet our team

Brendan Foley: Owner of 2020 HR (Human Resource’s), a go-to specialist for the SME sector. Set up in 2015, 20-20 HR is a bespoke Human Resource specialist to the SME sector.

Brendan Holds a honours degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Limerick, bringing over 20 years’ experience across a wide range of industries, Manufacturing, Food, Information Technology, Construction and Public Sectors

Through his HR on the ground experience, Brendan has seen that a one size fits all training approach does not work for a business, as each business like each business owner (or owners) is different and unique.

Brendan immediately saw the Team Challenge Process brings a unique and bespoke element to Team Training, in that being challenged team members will find untapped skills they pose that can be brought back to the workplace

Perry A. Simpson: Director of Surgan Professional Limited, an automation specialist.

Surgan Professional celebrates a 10-year partnership with ATN Hölzel. Working together with companies such as Ford and BMW. His expertise has proved invaluable at Heathrow Airport over the past 7 years.

Perry holds a Masters in Business Administration and has over 30 years of experience: automative, airport logistics, food, pharmaceutical, packaging, construction and information technology.

During his time as a project leader at General Motors, he developed the Team Challenge Process. Perry led teams that achieved World Class manufacturing performance. This included several key projects for General Motors and Ford Motor Company.

Our Approach

This approach is a lot more than just a team building process. By focusing on the social processes that naturally exist within the team those untapped skillsets of each individual can be accessed. This enables businesses to use this method to solve problems, for continuous improvement, personnel development and worker well-being programs.
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Pressure Test

A time-constrained challenge, designed to press any team to it’s limits by taking them out of their comfort zone. Each challenge is tailored to suit any workplace scenario.


A work-related challenge where the team is assigned the task of solving a work-based issue. Through the team challenge process, they are empowered to work together as team to come up with a solution.


This social team challenge is for building highly effective teams. It involves the team completing a non-work related challenge to raise money for a worthy cause.


Bringing together a large groups of business people for special half or one day event to solve a problem for charity or other worthy projects.

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